It's A Musical World
Newberg and I were honoured with a tribute by the Beverly Hills Hadassah at the Hollywood Palace Theater on Sunset Boulevard, an all-star charity concert gala of our music. And “all-star” was, in this instance, in no way an overstatement. With the ever-reliable Ian Fraser conducting a terrific orchestra of his choosing, out there singing and speaking our praises was as stellar a line-up of big-name performers and actors as I had ever seen. Among them were Burt Bacharach, Tony Bennett, Richard Chamberlain, Sammy, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, Robert Goulet, David Hemmings, Florence Henderson, Gene Kelly, Hank Mancini, Roger Moore, David Niven, Juliet Prowse, Lou Rawls, Peter Sellers, Paul Williams and a host more. The producer of the concert, Franklin Levy, began the evening by announcing, “Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Bricusse and Mr. Newley!” and out on to the stage, wearing black tie and to wild applause, marched Adam Bricusse, aged 12, and Sacha Newley, aged ten. It was a touching moment, and the prelude to a knockout concert, by which Newberg and I were immensely flattered.