Say Hello To Harvey
Harvey, the six-foot-tall, invisible white rabbit who could only be seen by his friend Elwood P. Dowd, was the hit of the season on Broadway in 1944. In 1980, after writing the score and adapting the play on my own, we played a commercially successfully summer season at the lovely Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto. Patricia Rutledge was show-stoppingly sensational as Elwood's sister Veta, but Donald O'Connor, once one of my Singing in the Rain heroes, was sadly not in the best of health at this time in his life. The producer, who had cast O'Connor over my head, stated simply that "Mr. O'Connor will be unable to perform at night if he has to rehearse during the day!". "Great!" I fumed. "The perfect recipe for a hit show!". Considering the many changes a fledgling show needs when it first opens, I was frustrated beyond imagining. What do you think, Harvey? I still firmly believe that one day you'll make a lovely, six-foot tall, invisible musical comedy star!