Kings And Clowns
In the spring of 1966 I was invited to collaborate with undoubtedly the greatest of all Broadway composers, Richard Rodgers. My ecstasy dissolved in grief when I was eventually told my exclusive contract at Fox precluded my being able to fulfill such a heady dream, but not before Mr. Rodgers and I had discussed two projects high on my list of desirables: Noah's Ark and Henry VIII. I shelved my version of Noah's Ark, though I still intend to do it in the not-to-distant future. An early version of Henry VIII, entitled Kings and Clowns, appeared briefly in the late 1970s starring the otherwise talented, but sadly miscast and not- famous-four-his-singing, Frank Finlay. It fared little better in it's four-month career in England than the Richard Rodgers version entitled Rex. My new and much advanced version of the show, containing all the missing songs, plus several new ones, and now entitled Henry's Wives, was published by Samuel French in 2006. And so hopefully, before long, Henry VIII will rule again!