Beyond The Rainbow
In Rome, Aggiungi un Posto a Tavola was a three-year sellout, and I was to do the English lyrics for the West End and Broadway. This was an enjoyable time - as any work involving monthly trips to Rome, staying at the Hassler and wallowing in the pasta, is bound to be. The work went well, the score took shape, and I had only two major concerns. The first was the title, which translated as "Add Another Place at the Table," almost as cumbersome in their language as ours. The eventual title, Beyond the Rainbow, those three words, took longer to achieve than the writing of the entire show. The second was the star the producers insisted on from the smash Roman production. I knew the name Johnny Dorelli would not sell a single ticket at the box office - apart from the fact that his English was about on par with Chico Marx. Alas, I did not have casting approval. The show ran in London's West End for a reasonably respectable nine months, but I venture that had my suggestion of Tommy Steele played it, the show might yet be running.