Home Alone
One Friday evening in October, 1990, the telephone rang. It was John Williams, calling from California. John said, “I’m just finishing scoring this enchanting little film called Home Alone, and there’s this theme I think would make a charming song”. By Monday morning we had the song “Somewhere In My Memory” and indeed by Tuesday night we had two songs, as John had also composed a hauntingly beautiful Christmas carol, to which I added a lyric entitled “Star of Bethlehem”. In February of 1991, Home Alone was nominated for two Academy Awards; Best score and Best Song - two for John, one for me; in my case, a wondrous reward for my long weekend’s work. There were two further bonuses. When he received the final drafts of the lyrics, John called me from his office at Amblin Entertainment to say how pleased he was with the finished product. While we were talking, he suddenly said, “Hold on a minute, Brickman” (my nickname). After a few seconds he came back on the line and added casually, “That was Steven (Spielberg). I told him how pleased I was with the songs, and he asked if you’d like to do Hook!.....”Only in Hollywood. That in turn led to a further Oscar nomination for us both a year later.