Pink Panther
The three “Pink Panther” songs I wrote with Henry Mancini covered a period of nearly 30 years, from A Shot in the Dark filmed and released in 1964, to “God Bless Clouseau!” from Son of the Pink Panther, released in 1993. But musically, from the many movies and animated cartoons that have enchanted audiences worldwide for over four decades, nothing can ever match the original and magical “Pink Panther” theme that Hank created for the original movie. I, like you, must have heard it a thousand times over the years. And every time I do, its sly humour still brings a little smile of pleasure. I’m sure it pleased Hank even more. That wonderful, clever little theme is a copyright that produces revenues that would be the envy of many small nations. And when Blake Edwards and I started work together on a stage musical of the Pink Panther recently, I had the joy and privilege of putting a lyric to one of the greatest movie music themes of all time.