Working with John Williams, which I have had the pleasure and privilege of doing on a number of motion pictures over the past 40 years, is always an especially rewarding and joyous experience, and the songs that are the happy children of these collaborations will be forever treasured “somewhere in my memory”. On Hook, John and I attempted some fascinating and audacious ways to incorporate songs into what was for an inspired Spielbergian moment intended to be a “musical”. Sadly for us, as the production progressed, the final film threatened to be massively over-long. Some things found their way into the picture, and some other very nice things didn’t. We were particularly heartbroken to lose a very appealing song called “Childhood” because to us and everyone associated with the film, it represented the very heart of what the movie was all about. But working on the film was always exciting and always challenging, as any Spielberg movie is bound to be, so extraordinary is this filmmaker. All I know is that if ever Mr. Spielberg does decide to do a full-scale musical, I would dearly love to be a part of it - who wouldn’t?! And chez Spielberg, the mind can only boggle at what “full-scale” would mean!