John Williams had composed a breathtaking theme for Superman, and having been invited by my old friend Dick Donner, director of Superman, to write the love song for Superman with John, within days we had a song we really liked, entitled “Can You Read My Mind?” Shortly thereafter, Ms. Toni Tennille of The Captain and Tennille, had recorded a sensational version of the song on A&M records, amid an aura of great optimism. Nothing, it seemed, could go wrong. Wrong! Understandably concerned about retaining the reality of his original cartoon characters, Dick Donner tried an interesting experiment that everyone said would fail - having Margo Kidder recite the lyric to Christopher Reeve. Everyone was right, it did fail - except that it ended up, to my considerable dismay, in the film. Toni Tennille’s surefire record was trashed, and A&M and I were all less than thrilled. It is a sobering thought that, even at this exalted level of filmmaking, elementary miscalculations can be made, but they are. You don’t need to read anybody’s mind to surmise that the song joined that famous band of “not even nominated” Oscar outcasts!