The Sea Wolves
As a young child growing up in London during World War II, one of my earliest musical memories was of a wonderful piece of music from a 1942 film starring Anton Walbrook, called Dangerous Moonlight. The music was composed by Richard Addinsal. It was “The Warsaw Concerto”. Its Rachmaninoffian themes have lingered on in my mind, and I am sure many other people’s, through all the years between. Little could I have imagined that nearly 40 years later I would be asked to set words to those marvelous themes. But it came to pass when producer Euan Lloyd called me one day and told me about his new film, The Sea Wolves, which just happened to star all of my longtime South of France actor friends - Gregory Peck, David Niven, Roger Moore and Trevor Howard. I think he decided to cast the film without having to incur any airfares. To complete this nostalgic team, Matt Monro, who 20 years before had given me my first international success with “My Kind of Girl” sang the song “The Precious Moments” for the Sea Wolves soundtrack. Whenever a film like The Sea Wolves is shown on TV, it constitutes for me an irremovable reunion of what Niven always called “the chums”.