I have always been fascinated by longtime professional associations, and not many can beat that of Blake Edwards and Henry Mancini. In fact, I know of no director-composer relationship in movies to compare with it, other than the amazing teaming of Steven Spielberg and John Williams since 1973. But Blake and Hank go back to the 1950s. I have been good friends with, and written various songs with and for each of them over the years, but suddenly the right project for all of us, especially Mrs. Edwards, Blake’s wondrous wife, Julie Andrews, appeared on the table, served up by Blake’s endlessly fertile mind as a rare and stylish comic feast. I regard Victor/Victoria as one of his best films. It’s overall stylistic “togetherness” is highly impressive, and Blake elicited a quartet of fine comedic performances from Julie, Robert Preston, James Garner and Lesley Ann Warren. And Blake’s special talent for creating enduring collaborative professional relationships in the realms of cinematography, production design, music and editing, as well as acting, earned its just reward. I count myself ever-lucky to have been a part of it. The film garnered no fewer than seven Oscar nominations and on a glorious April evening in 1983, Mr. Mancini and I happily took home Oscars for Best Song Score. Thank you, Blackie. Thank you, Jools. Thank you, Hank.